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December 2010 December 14, 2010

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Giving to the Libraries

Faculty frequently offer their collection of books and journals to the UW Libraries. While Math Research is eager to accept dry, clean copies of mathematics and statistics items that we need, in most cases we cannot accept duplicates of what we already have. Please email us a list of items you think we might need with author-title-year of publication info and we will check our holdings. Donations of new research-level books are especially helpful to our budget if given in time.

For items of broader interest than research level mathematics and statistics, contact the UW Libraries’ Gift Program.

Here are some other ideas of ways to use your personal collections to benefit the academic community here or abroad.


  • AMS Book & Journal Donation Program tries to match donors and third-world institutions in need.  You give them a list which they post.  Should there be a match, the AMS will pay for the shipping costs. Check their web site for more details.
  • Give them away to students.

Sell them:

  • Sell clean copies of used books to bookstores (UW Bookstore, Powells.com, or other used book buyers).
  • Organize an annual mathematical sciences used book sale.
  • Donate the proceeds to our new Math Library Fund!


The Libraries has put together a HOW DO I? web page full of handy hints for UW researchers.  Here’s one that might be useful to you:

How do I use Google Scholar to search for UW materials?

You’ll be able to view a short video or read the transcript for hints on searching Google Scholar for full text articles available to you through the UW Libraries.

Temporary Free Journal Access

Springer is allowing free access during December to some journals we don’t usually have access to:

  • Applied Mathematics and Mechanics
  • Journal of Mathematical Sciences
  • Optimization Letters
  • Journal of Fixed Point Theory and its Applications
  • Complex Analysis and Operator Theory
  • Mathematics in Computer Science
  • Qualitative Theory of Dynamical Systems
  • Logica Universalis
  • Mathematics and Financial Economics
  • Mathematical Programming Computation
  • Functional Analysis and other Mathematics
  • You may want to browse these journals for papers you can’t usually access.

    As the quarter ends, we wish you all healthy, happy holidays!

    Martha, Saundra, Jennifer, Michael and Kinji.

    Frosted Leaves


    October 29, 2010 News October 29, 2010

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    Noticed anything different?

    MathSciNet Enhancements

    • Improved display of mathematics using MathJax, an open source JavaScript display engine for mathematics that works in all modern browsers (http://www.mathjax.org/)
    • Direct links to books, book chapters, and series using DOIs registered by publishers
    • Bibliographic entries and direct links for Ph.D. theses in mathematics, applied mathematics, and statistics from the ProQuest Dissertations & Theses database

    Grad Students:

    Put your thesis or dissertation online free

    UW Libraries’ ResearchWorks Archive provides a safe, secure, and persistent location for your work.  Submission is easy; simply contact the ResearchWorks staff at rworks@uw.edu and include your name, UWNetID, and the department awarding your degree. ResearchWorks staff will be in touch with further instructions regarding submission.  In addition to your manuscript, you may also include any supplementary files when submitting your manuscript.  If you need to set a public access embargo on your work, but would still like to submit your manuscript to the archive, include that info in your email request.

    Impact factors can be misleading


    Nefarious Numbers

    Authors: Douglas N. Arnold, Kristine K. Fowler
    (Submitted on 1 Oct 2010 (v1), last revised 25 Oct 2010 (this version, v3))

    Abstract: We investigate the journal impact factor, focusing on the applied mathematics category. We demonstrate that significant manipulation of the impact factor is being carried out by the editors of some journals and that the impact factor gives a very inaccurate view of journal quality, which is poorly correlated with expert opinion.

    For more info on journal citation, see the Scholarly Communications section of MRL home page.

    E-Media Recycle Bin near Math Research Library

    Housecleaning?  Recycle your media, batteries, and cell phones in the eMedia bin now located in the hall across from Mathematics Research Library.

    Small quantities of the following are acceptable:

    • Non-confidential electronic media: CDs, DVDs, videotapes, audiotapes, computer disks, and their cases
    • Small personal electronics: cell phones, pagers, PDAs, smart phones, and small electronics
    • Inkjet and bubble jet printer cartridges
    • Batteries: alkaline, carbon, zinc, lithium, nickel-cadmium, nickel, metal hydride, and silver oxide

    October 13, 2010 News October 13, 2010

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    Welcome to the UW Libraries and Mathematics Research Library.  We are here to help you with your learning and research needs.

    Math Research has a collection of books, ebooks, journals–both online (current vols. and backfiles)  and paper, and databases devoted to upper level pure and applied mathematics and statistics.  We’ve created 2 new subject guides to help you navigate the maze of university level materials:

    Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

    Also check our unit webpage for links to the UW Libraries Catalog, our hours, location, contact information, our weekly new books and journal listings, and a wealth of other handy links pertaining to mathematics and statistics research.

    Note that all of our online resources can be used remotely by UW students, staff, and faculty.  Just look for this button: 

    in the upper right corner of most UW Libraries’ pages, click and sign in with your UWNetID and password.  You will also want to read about our handy UW Libraries Proxy Bookmarklet that makes it even easier to sign into any UW Libraries licensed online resource.

    Reserve materials for upper level (400+) math and stat classes are shelved on the counter-height shelving near the stairs on our main floor.  Reserve books may be checked out for 4 or 24 hours.

    Our hours are Monday-Thursday, 9AM-6PM and Sunday, 1PM-5PM.

    Open Access Week Activities
    October 18-25

    UW Libraries is planning 3 panel discussions during this year’s OA Week:

    10/20, 2 PM:
    Issues for Authors:  Copyright, Fair Use, Open Access, and Archiving
    10/21, 3 PM:
    Open Access Journal Publishing – A UW Perspective
    10/25, 10 AM:
    Libraries and Copyright in the Digital Age, Q & A with Experts
    Submit your question before this session through this catalyst survey:

    All are invited; see poster for more information.

    New Open Access Encyclopedia

    StatProb.com—The Encyclopedia Sponsored by Statistics and
    Probability Societies is now up on the web.  StatProb.com combines the advantages of traditional wikis (rapid and up-to-date publication, user-generated development, hyperlinking, and a saved history) with traditional publishing (quality assurance, review, credit to authors, and a structured information display).

    For more online references in math and stat, check our subject guides’ Reference Resources page.

    Historic IMU/ICM Proceedings Digitized

    All content from past Proceedings of the International Congress of Mathematicians, 1893+ have been digitized and made freely available on the web.  Videos from past ICMs, a list of all invited ICM speakers since 1897, and digitized IMU/ICM books are also available there.

    July 2010 News July 29, 2010

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    Statsnetbase Ebook Trial

    Our subscription to the Statsnetbase collection of CRC/Taylor & Francis ebooks ended in March.   However, there is more purchase flexibility now so we are now considering selective purchase of past, present and future titles.  While the collection does not include textbooks, it does offer high-level titles of use to statisticians and researchers from a wide range of disciplines.    Please review their titles and content and try out the search interface at http://www.statsnetbase.com.  Send your comments to mathlib [at] uw.edu.  The trial runs until November 13, 2010.

    Ebooks Advisory Survey

    Math Research Library has provided you with 2 ebooks packages, Springer Math/Stat Ebooks and Statsnetbase, for the last few years.  We are at the point where we need to decide how to proceed.  I’ve posted a two question advisory survey intended to gather your opinion and comments about ebooks in this academic library.   Please click here to take the short survey.  This survey will be open through the end of the quarter.

    Summer Tips from the Libraries

    See answers to frequently asked questions at the Libraries, http://www.lib.washington.edu/about/summerTips.html


    You can now find non-English scientific literature from databases in China, Russia, France, and several Latin American countries and have your search results translated into one of nine languages. With the beta launch in June, real-time searching and translation of globally-dispersed collections of scientific literature is possible. This new capability is the result of an international public-private partnership between the WorldWideScience.org Alliance and Microsoft Research, whose translation technology has been paired with the federated searching technology of Deep Web Technologies.

    WorldWideScience.org now provides federated searching of  national scientific databases in 65 countries, covering some 400 million pages of science. In addition to other WorldWideScience Alliance members, key partner organizations taking part in the ceremony included the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology (Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China), and ICSTI.

    March 15, 2010 News March 15, 2010

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    Now in its 7th year, the University of Washington Libraries Undergraduate Research Awards program enables students to submit research papers to a faculty/librarian review panel for the opportunity to win $1,000 for winning papers, and $100 for honorable mentions. Any paper or project done in a one credit or more class is eligible. Entries will be grouped in three categories:  Senior Thesis/Honors Thesis, Senior Non-Thesis, and Non-Senior.  Encourage your students to enter!

    Interest in the UW Libraries Undergraduate Awards has grown since its inception. Faculty members have encouraged their best students to enter, providing a wide range of entries.  Basia Belza, UW Professor of Biobehavioral Nursing and Health Systems observed: “There is a phenomenal amount of stellar work that is crafted by our students and they each deserve recognition.” Winning an award can bolster a student’s resume, giving him or her an advantage when applying for a job or graduate school.

    This innovative program has grown so much that other universities have begun to take notice, making inquiries to the UW Libraries in order to start their own undergraduate awards competitions.

    The Friends of the UW Libraries and the Allen Foundation have once again generously furnished the funding for the 2010 University of Washington Libraries Research Awards for Undergraduates.

    For more information see: http://www.lib.washington.edu/researchaward/

    Faculty Evaluators Needed for
    Undergraduate Research Award Selection

    Selection of the award recipients is determined by specific criteria with particular emphasis placed on the reflective essay and is undertaken by a combination of librarian and faculty evaluators.  Projects have already been submitted for grading, and so this award recognizes the research process.  The committee has benefited greatly from the insightful work of faculty evaluators in the past.  Please read what previous faculty evaluators have said about the process:  http://www.lib.washington.edu/researchaward/FacultyRecruitmentFlyer2010.pdf.

    Here is the calendar of important dates for faculty evaluators in 2009–2010.  Please note that participation in the committee involves only two meetings (in bold) and that all of the reading and evaluating will take place between May 18 to June 2.

    Monday, May 3, 2010: Evaluators lunch in the Petersen Room, Allen Library

    • Monday, May 17, 2010 @ 5pm: Deadline for applications

    • Tuesday, May 18 – Tuesday, May 24, 2010: First round of reading applications

    • Wednesday, May 25 – Wednesday, June 2, 2010: Second round of reading applications (May 31 is Memorial Day)

    • Thursday, June 3, 2010: Noontime meeting to select winners

    • Tuesday, June 8, 2010, 12:30pm: Reception in the Petersen Room, Allen Library

    Please let me know if you have questions.  We appreciate your willingness to consider participating in the Research Award!  We understand if timing prevents you from participating this year, but please, feel free to suggest a colleague for me to contact who may be able to participate.  Contact Martha at mathlib@uw.edu if interested in helping to evaluate applicants’ papers.

    Missing Books

    Our library student assistants have inventoried over 18,000 volumes recently and fortunately, we have relatively few missing items.  Please review the items below.  If any seem familiar to you, please check your office, car, and home to see if you might have the item.  Also, if you have a copy you’d be willing to donate to the library, we’d be happy to accept!



    2. MATHEMATICAL SOFTWARE TOOLS IN C++ 39352035298488 QA76.73 .C153 R48 1993
    4. KVANT SELECTA. COMBINATORICS, I 39352057215360 QA164 .K83 2001
    5. COMPUTATIONAL METHODS IN NUMBER THEORY/edited by H.W. Lenstra, Jr., R. Tijdeman 39352026249888 QA241 .C675 1982 v.2
    6. METRIC NUMBER THEORY / Glyn Harman 39352049699879 QA241 .H316 1998
    7. NUMBER THEORY IV : TRANSCENDENTAL NUMBERS / A. N. Parshin, I. R. Shafarevich (eds.) 39352047719588 QA247.5 .T4413 1998
    8. ALGEBRE COMMUTATIVE : APPLICATIONS EN GEOMETRIE ET THEORIE DES NOMBRES : EXERCISES / Marie-José Bertin, Elena Wexler-Kreindler 39352026567529 QA251.3 .B47 1986
    12. A SHORT TABLE OF INTEGRALS 39352065041253 QA310 .P42 1929
    13. THE METHOD OF ORBITS IN INTERPOLATION THEORY 39352026286187 QA329.2 O92 1984
    15. CALCULUS OF RESIDUES, by D.S. Mitrinovic in cooperation with J.H. Michael 39352027628155 QA331 .M655
    16. ASYMPTOTIC ESTIMATES AND ENTIRE FUNCTIONS by M.A. Evgrafov. Translated by Allen L. Shields 39352026391623 QA351 .E853
    17. Symposium in Applied Mathematics (1983 : New York, N.Y.). INVERSE PROBLEMS 39352026268052 QA370 .S96 1983
    19. COMPUTING IN EUCLIDEAN GEOMETRY / edited by Ding-Zhu Du, Frank Hwang 39352039849070 QA448 .D48 C68 1995
    20. COHOMOLOGY OF FINITE GROUPS / by Peter A. Linnell 39352034770842 QA612.3 .L56 1992
    21. A COURSE IN DIFFERENTIAL GEOMETRY / Wilhelm Klingenberg ; translated by David Hoffman 39352027631753 QA641 .K5213
    22. THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE 22th WINTER SCHOOL "GEOMETRY AND PHYSICS" : Srní, January 12-19, 2002 39352060305950 QC20.7 .G44 W58 2002
    23. EVOLUTION EQUATIONS IN THERMOELASTICITY / Song Jiang, Reinhard Racke 39352054947726 QA933 .J53


    3. Müller, Claus. SPHERICAL HARMONICS 39352026493890 516.56 M912s
    4. Smirnov, V. I. (Vladimir Ivanovich), 1887-. LINEAR ALGEBRA AND GROUP THEORY 39352026490672 517 Sm48kE abr
    5. COMPTES RENDUS HEBDOMADAIRES DES SEANCES DE L'ACADEMIE DES SCIENCES. A, SCIENCES MATHEMATIQUES, B, SCIENCES PHYSIQUES 39352034322479 QA1 .A17 ser.A: v.262 no.1-13 39352034322289 QA1 .A17 ser.A: v.262 no.14-21 39352034322339 QA1 .A17 ser.A: v.263 no.1-13 39352024557878 QA1 .A17 ser.A: v.267 no.10-18 39352024557969 QA1 .A17 ser.A: v.267 no.18-25

    February 22, 2010 News February 22, 2010

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    Publishing and Authors’ Rights Discussion, Tuesday, Feb 23

    10:30 am  – 12 noon, OUGL 220

    Whether you are starting out as a new author or already have a long list of publications you should find our panel on publication and authors’ rights of interest.  Panelists will discuss questions about publication practices, copyright transfer agreements and how authors can ensure that they keep appropriate rights to their work.  Other possible topics are public access mandates for research that is federally funded and the UW Faculty Senate resolution on publishing alternatives and authors’ rights.   Bring your questions and learn how trends in scholarly communication are likely to affect your research and publication.

    • Dave Eaton, Professor, Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences & Associate Vice Provost for Research
    • Clark Shores, Assistant Attorney General, Attorney General’s Office

    The podcast is available at:  http://www.lib.washington.edu/scholcomm/AuthorRightsFeb10/rights.mp3

    Ways to Help UW Libraries

    A recent UW AAUP email exchange discussed ways to help UW Libraries weather the current economic situation.  While our math, stat, and applied math  faculty and departments have always been very supportive of Math Research Library, there are a number of ways you as individuals can help .

    • Faculty or students can volunteer as book reviewers for journals or databases such as MathSciNet.  Publishers send new books and reference sets for review.  Those not chosen for review can be given to Math Research.  This is particularly helpful when given in a timely manner so that we don’t purchase items that are later given to us.
    • Donate your books and journals when you are ready.  We review all items and select those that we need.  Please check with us ahead of time if this is a large collection.   While we may not need most items, our branch campuses, Bothell and Tacoma, or other nearby libraries may need some.  Most runs of journals are not needed.  Another good option for book and journal donation is the AMS Book & Journal Donation Program.  If an eligible institution needs your donation, the AMS reimburses your shipping expenses.
    • Designate a portion of a research grant for library support especially if research is in a new area.
    • Donate publisher in-kind honorarium to the library if allowed.
    • Join the Friends of the Libraries to advocate for UW Libraries on campus and off.
    • Raise your voices to support UW Libraries to UW administration.
    • Respond to UW Libraries surveys on your library use and needs.  Another survey will be conducted this spring.
    • Unlike some of the other library units on campus, we do not yet have a specific math/stat gift fund to provide support for research acquisitions.   For more information on setting up a donor fund to support mathematics, statistics and applied mathematics research materials, see:  http://www.lib.washington.edu/support/types_of_gifts.html.
    • Recently discretionary departmental funds helped us stretch our funds enough to purchase the online backfiles of Springer math and statistics journals.  This type of creative support really helps our dollars go further.

    Loan Period and Hold Shelf Changes

    Effective today,February 22, loan periods for faculty and graduate students will be 12 weeks for most books in all libraries.   Suzzallo/Allen Stacks, Auxiliary Stacks and East Asia will change faculty annual loans to 12 week loans.  OUGL, HSLIC and Curriculum Materials will change faculty and graduate students from 4 weeks to 12 weeks.

    Effective February 16, 2010, the time on the hold shelf for UW materials is 7 days. Summit short loan materials will remain at 3 days (no change). ILL materials hold shelf time will vary.

    Curriculum Materials Collection Moving

    On February 10, Reference & Research Services staff began moving the Curriculum Materials Collection from the Allen north balcony to the shelving just west of the Suzzallo Reference Desks.  After several rounds of Suzzallo Reference collection weedings, we have consolidated that collection enough to make room for the Curriculum move.  The Allen north balcony was originally intended to be a ‘quieter’ study area, the study area with a view and plenty of natural lighting.  Soon more students will be able to enjoy it in just this way.

    New Free Services

    • www.mathjax.org offers rich math display from LaTeX and MathML.  A MathJax display choice for Math Reviews will be released later in the year as an alternative to the current display choices of plain HTML and PDF. MathJax is an open source platform displaying mathematics in a wide range of browsers. Its development is supported by a consortium including the AMS, SIAM, Design Science, Elsevier and the APS.
    • www.latexsearch.com allows researchers to search Springer products directly for mathematical formulae that are typically trapped in text.  Because of the limitations of when Springer started applying metadata, this currently reaches back to titles in 2005, but is being expanded now.
    • www.authormapper.com is a free collaboration tool from Springer where researchers can search to see who is doing what research at what university, and when.  Springer is working with other publishers to make sure their authors and their research can be found as well.
    • www.springerexemplar.com allows researchers to enter a
      keyword, say “bootstrap”  and see the context in which it is used, the subject area, the country, the journal, publisher and break down from there. It currently only scours Springer data, but they are growing this to include other publishers.

    February 2010 News February 1, 2010

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    Miss Browsing Math Reviews?

    You can continue to browse MR records by MSC classification on a regular basis by using MathSciNet’s Current Publications alerting tool.


    MathSciNet has a set of Free Tools (see buttons upper right on MSN page) that give you more browsing abilites.  Choose the Current Publications tab, then This Month, and Reviewed to see reviewed entries only.  New entries are added during the month, so if you check on a weekly basis, you’ll see the newer entries at the top.

    Note that if you chose This Month on the first few days of a month, there will be few or no entries.

    This information and more can be found in the Keeping Current section on our new books and our new journals pages.

    Changes to Elsevier ScienceDirect Access

    Last week the Libraries began to offer substantially increased access to journal content from Elsevier as a result of a lengthy, complex and successful renegotiation process that took place over several months. The new agreement includes a commitment by the Libraries to purchase Elsevier’s complete 1500 title back-file collection over 5 years at a substantially reduced price, and access without charge for 2010 to all current journals within its “Freedom Collection.” The back-file purchase is part of the Libraries’ longstanding strategic pursuit of the Anytime Anyplace Library concept and helps address a need that many UW faculty have expressed in recent surveys. The Freedom Collection increases the number of current Elsevier journals available to UW users from roughly 1,000 to 2,000 and provides an opportunity to assess its overall value and demand for specific titles. Catalog and e-journal list entries should be updated by mid-February.

    SIAM NEWS article on citation misuse & plagiarism


    Beta Version of Springerlink

    Springer has announced the beta version of their new SpringerLink platform. When you visit springerlink.com you will see a link on the left side of the screen under the Springer logo that will take you into the new site. This button will be visible on every page.

    You can choose to search in the current site or explore via the new platform.  IP Authentication, as well as user name and password, will be recognized on both sites.

    On the new platform you will find:

    Related documents for articles or eBook chapters
    PDF Preview for eBook chapters
    Browsing features
    View abstracts without leaving search results
    Improved search functionality – including searching by citation
    Filters for Online First and Open Access articles

    Request for Public Comment re public access to archived publications resulting from research funded by Federal science and technology agencies December 28, 2009

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    Public Access Policies for Science and Technology Funding
    Agencies Across the Federal Government

    AGENCY: Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), Executive Office of the President.

    ACTION: Notice; request for public comment.


    SUMMARY: With this notice, the Office of Science and Technology Policy
    (OSTP) within the Executive Office of the President, requests input
    from the community regarding enhancing public access to archived
    publications resulting from research funded by Federal science and
    technology agencies. This RFI will be active from December 10, 2009 to
    January 7, 2010. Respondents are invited to respond online via the
    Public Access Policy Forum at http://www.whitehouse.gov/open, or may
    submit responses via electronic mail. Responses will be re-posted on
    the online forum. Instructions and a timetable for daily blog topics
    during this period are described at http://www.whitehouse.gov/open.

    DATES: Comments must be received by January 7, 2010.

    ADDRESSES: Submit comments by one of the following methods:
    Public Access Policy Forum: http://www.whitehouse.gov/open.
    Via E-mail: publicaccess@ostp.gov.
    Mail: Office of Science and Technology Policy, Attn: Open
    From the Federal Register Online via http://edocket.access.gpo.gov/2009/E9-29322.htm

    Holiday Hours December 23, 2009

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    Math Research Library’s Holiday Hours:

    Thu, Dec 24 Closed – Christmas Eve
    Fri, Dec 25 Closed – Christmas
    Sat-Sun Closed
    Dec 28 – Jan 3
    Mon-Thu 1pm – 5pm
    Fri, Jan 1 Closed – New Year’s Day
    Sat-Sun Closed

    Winter Quarter Hours:

    Mon-Thu 9am – 6pm
    Fri 9am – 5pm
    Sat Closed
    Sun 1pm – 5pm
    Mon, Jan 18 Closed – MLK Day
    Mon, Feb 15 Closed – Pres. Day

    DECEMBER 2009 December 11, 2009

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    Serials Cancellation 2010

    I want to update you on the status of the Serials and Electronic Resources Review which began last spring in response to a $1.6 million reduction in the UW Libraries annual information resources budget.

    The serials cancellation project is almost over.  I was able to save some titles for at least another year.  We came close to our $41,129 target, but will need to use $998 from our book fund to meet it.

    Where we wanted to cancel titles from Elsevier or Wiley, we could not.  Renegotiated deals with these publishers reaped overall savings benefits, but blocked our proposed cancellations of some expensive titles.  Each deal is different and has many nuances.

    I think Math, Stat, and Applied Math will feel the effects of the renegotiated Springer deal the most.  We have had a consortial deal with other WA and OR schools for Springer titles.  As long as we all maintained our subscriptions, we got the added benefit of access to titles that no one subscribed to.   For example, lots of Russian translation journals such as the Journal of Mathematical Sciences (formerly J Soviet Math) were available to us without subscription.

    Springer is now allowing us to cancel up to 20% of our previous deal, but in doing so we will lose the benefit of access to those unsubscribed titles.   One new benefit is that the consortia partners can coordinate amongst ourselves to eliminate paying for duplicate subscriptions and use that money to save unique titles.  That is what I did.  I canceled titles that are duplicated within the consortia.   I coordinated my cancellations with other math librarians in WA and OR.

    As in the past, users will be able to obtain articles from unsubscribed titles from Interlibrary Loan for free.  The budget impact for this is unknown.

    The list of canceled journals is available at:   http://www.lib.washington.edu/Math/2009mathcancels.html.

    There are 3 color-coded groupings of titles:

    orange   –    subscription canceled
    purple    –    savings achieved in other ways and online access continues
    blue       –     paper version canceled, online continues

    In addition to our serials cuts, I expect our book fund will be reduced by about 25-30% for 09/10.

    Let me know if you have any questions or comments.  I’ve really appreciated everyone’s help with this difficult task.



    Suzzallo/Allen Collection Move

    The Suzzallo/Allen shift is now complete. The project officially took off on July 9 and finished on October 28. Books from Chemistry, Fisheries-Oceanography, Children’s Literature, Natural Sciences, Suzzallo Periodicals, and Suzzallo/Allen stacks were merged into one call number run covering 8 floors in the Suzzallo and Allen Libraries.

    1,885,253 books were moved into their final positions in 16 weeks. In addition, 536,302 books were moved, compacted, integrated etc. in order to allow the move happen.

    The few QA books there are located on Allen South 2.


    UW Dissertations Online in UW Libraries’ Research Works Repository

    The Libraries recently purchased a complete set of pdf copies of UW dissertations 1997-2008.  These are now available via our ResearchWorks repository,  https://digital.lib.washington.edu/dspace/handle/1773/4888.  Links from the Libraries catalog will be added as time allows.  In addition to the 1997-2008 collection, there is sporadic coverage of dissertations prior to 1997; these are copies of dissertations made by ProQuest when someone purchased a copy of a dissertation.  The Libraries is also negotiating for copies of 2009 dissertations.  At this time, UW students submitting a Master’s Thesis do not submit to ProQuest; therefore, our collection does not include master’s theses.

    UW Libraries and the Graduate School are working on a project to put all UW dissertations and theses online sometime in the future.

    Best wishes for happy holidays!

    Martha, Saundra, Colleen, Naomi, Jennifer, and Jenna