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March 2012 March 6, 2012

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Author Rights

What are they?  Which should you retain?  Why?  How?

A fellow math librarian, Kris Fowler, U Minnesota,  has written an article in the Notices AMS (March 2012) about protecting your author rights when you publish journal articles.  She has a nice chart that shows which rights selected math publishers, both society and commercial, allow in their author agreements.  But, you can challenge those agreements!  Read more…

Mathematics Research Library Collection Shift

Our intrepid book movers, Meghan, Shane, and Ari, are making good progress on our collection move.  The majority of our books are now publicly available on our shelves.  The biggest remaining part, the early QAs, are slowly being shifted from Math Storage to our shelves.  We expect that book call numbers from A to QA272 will be on our first floor, and QA273 to Z on our second floor.

Then all journals, except any unbound recent issues, will be moved to Math Storage where they will be available upon request.  The majority of these journals are online, so be sure to check the online catalog first.  Any recent paper issues will be shelved on our display shelves on the 4th floor level until they are bound.

All MRL books and journals are now in the Library of Congress call number system.

This is a very complex project (akin to working a very large Rubik’s Cube) because of our space limitations and the 3 different shelving systems we had.  We have tried to limit the noisier activities to morning or after hours.  Math Library is profoundly grateful to UW Libraries’ Circulation Division for making it happen.

Open Letter from Elsevier

Elsevier responds to mathematicians.

Relevant proposed federal legislation:

U.S. Representative Mike Doyle (D-PA) introduced bipartisan legislation that directs federal agencies to encourage open public access to federally funded scientific research:

The Federal Research Public Access Act would require federal agencies with an extramural research budget of $100 million or more to make federally-funded research available for free online access by the general public, no later than six months after publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

Math Sciences Undergrads:  Apply for $1000 Library Research Award

  • All undergraduates enrolled at the University of Washington are eligible.
  • The $1,000 awards are given in three categories: Senior Thesis, Senior Non-Thesis and Non-Senior.
  • Projects completed in Spring Quarter 2011 through Spring Quarter 2012 are eligible.
  • Projects must have been completed for UW course credit, for the Undergraduate Research Program (URP), or the Undergraduate Research Symposium.  MCM/ICM papers are eligible too.
  • A project may be in any format or medium.
  • Individual or group projects are eligible.  Each student will be judged individually.
  • Application deadline is May 14, 2012, 5 PM.

Evaluation Criteria

Submissions will be judged on how well student researchers demonstrate:

  • Unusual depth or broadness in the use of library resources and collections, including, but not limited to, printed resources, databases, primary resources, and materials in all media.
  • Extraordinary ability to identify, locate, select, evaluate, and synthesize library resources and to use them in the creation of a project in any medium that shows originality and/or has the potential to lead to original research in the future.
  • Demonstration of significant personal knowledge in the methods of research and inquiry.

Please review the Student Tips carefully.  It contains a detailed description of how points are awarded.

A critical piece of your application is a 750-1,000 word reflective essay describing your research strategies, and use of library tools and resources. The essay is one of the most important parts of your application! Please see the essay guidelines and tips from past evaluators.  There will be drop-in advising sessions on applying for the award
Sun, April 1 – Mon, May 14, 2012,
Research Commons, Allen Library South.  Read more….



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